Into the new world: Metaverse — Age of digital

Mr. Tri Pham, CEO of Whydah — a Vietnamese blockchain startup, said: “Metaverse is a rather confusing concept for many people, while there are countless controversial views. However, there are four basic properties of the blockchain. One metaverse is the Convergence of online and offline experiences; Continuity; Digital Ownership and Identity Autonomy.

The virtual universe Meta envisions is a scenario in which two people can attend the same concert despite being on two different continents. Meanwhile, game companies aim to build an economy in the metaverse with the help of blockchain technology.

GatePlay Metaverse:

The GateWar system is greatly expanded by the GatePlay Metaverse ecosystem, besides fighting, training, and upgrading robots, players will not just only stop at a single NFT game but have able to participate in also more. There will be a lot of features coming to the GatePlay metaverse which will be the bricks to build a diverse and interactive Metaverse.

The GatePlay MetaGate is a Metaverse with no exception when it comes to building a platform that allows players to mine their own NFTs, and from there build up a complete virtual world for yourself and your ownership is unique and valuable.

Besides playing games to earn rewards anywhere, any time, players will also collect NFT assets everywhere, and with those assets players are able to build their own virtual cities!

GatePlay has designed a MetaGate with an NFT mining system that will bring the players countless rare and precious NFTs to use in all mobile games across the platform, or use as materials to build your own MetaCity- a virtual world of your own.

The future that we often see through fantasy movies is no longer a distant thing. Metaverse will probably be an extremely hot keyword in the next 5 years and there will also be a lot of boom coming from many projects around the world. Let’s look forward to the era of Metaverse.

The idea of the m​etaverse concept looks promising, which is why many of the world’s top tech companies are investing in it. If a metaverse can materialize, you can imagine that a metaverse will change the behavior of consumers and businesses. What do you think about the metaverse idea? Are you looking forward to the it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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GatePlay is a Play-To-Earn platform providing profits to gamers, developers and investors, bringing mobile games into the NFT & play-to-earn ecosystem.

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GatePlay is a Play-To-Earn platform providing profits to gamers, developers and investors, bringing mobile games into the NFT & play-to-earn ecosystem.

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