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Have you ever wished that one day while you’re running around that money will drop right in front of you? We think that your wish will come true in GatePlay’s Metaverse. This is a place where you’ll encounter rewards everywhere, and those with rewards players are able to build their own virtual cities!

GatePlay is the first Metaverse on mobile which applies blockchain technology. Helping billions of mobile users access a parallel universe anywhere and any time. Marking a huge innovation and an unstoppable trend for the future. GatePlay is one of the leading platforms in the application of blockchain technology to smartphones as well as the first platform that allows users to play-to-earn on mobile.

Our vision is to create a completely new metaverse. We want to connect and convert old fashion mobile games into play-to-earn games by using a blockchain system in order to create an age of digital entertainment full of excitement.

GatePlay will not just be a platform, it is also a world, an open universe for all that want to experience the future. When walking through this universe you will be showered in diversity and it might take you a very long time to discover everything on offer. Maybe the fact that we call it ” Metaverse” might make you think that this platform will be the same as the other metaverses, but I would recommend that you try it yourself to see what makes this GatePlay Metaverse really stand out. To go into more detail, there are many more things that await you.

ERace: ERace is a weekly and monthly race with a lot of money on the line. Unlike most other Play-to-Earn games, GatePlay rewards you for the length of time you spend playing the game rather than merely placing first, second, or third. EPoints are earned while you play any GatePlay game. For the players’ convenience, the leaderboards are updated in real-time. If a player wants to become one of the highest EPoint collectors, the GCard NFT is a vital asset since it improves the pace and limit of EPoints a player can attain in a day.

Tournament: Individuals and teams may compete in GatePlay’s many PC and mobile gaming tournaments, where they can show off their abilities and potentially win hundreds of thousands of dollars. To enter a competition, players must pay a small fee of $GPlay upfront. Countless tournaments are hosted weekly and monthly for all players, ensuring that everyone has a chance to earn a significant sum of $GPlay.

Mega Token Jackpot: Only once a month, players register to participate in the lucky draw and will have a chance to win Jackpot with a huge amount of money. Getting rich has never been this easy. JACKPOTTT!!!

NFT Market:

GatePlay NFT Market provides a diverse system of items and assets, players can trade between games through the marketplace, meaning players can make a profit through the Marketplace.

Staking & Treasury: Besides playing games and earning profits, players can also earn more through Staking and Treasury.

Streaming & Donate: GatePlay values ​​the experience of gamers as well as connect them with each other. Gateplay also has its own Idols as streamers so all of you can interact authentically together. Players in the GatePlay system can donate to their favorite streamers.

All of the things above will be included in the gameplay Metaverse. Like we mentioned before, you can build your own virtual city and you are the king of that city. Oh, did we say CITY, we meant CITIES. You can be a King of many kingdoms with your effort and dedication.

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GatePlay is a Play-To-Earn platform providing profits to gamers, developers and investors, bringing mobile games into the NFT & play-to-earn ecosystem.